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Big thanks and hugs from a fan. (For the last stage I only kept them in the broth for a few minutes, since they were already so well cooked.). These were unbelievably good! My husband is a newly-diagnosed diabetic and I’m trying to stay within his guidelines. Thanks for the recipe! I don’t know if that is what I had. Thank you for this recipe! https://smittenkitchen.com/2018/03/melting-potatoes/#comment-1690877 Can’t wait to try this method out. Oh good heavens, yes! Oh that sounds wonderful!! Made these last night. I use locally grown pinkish heirloom potatoes for this, but they were a bit on the small side, so I, too, was afraid the temperature would be too high. I think Deb actually mentioned what you’re describing here at the beginning: “It feels like a pared-down version of fondant potatoes (pommes de terres fondantes), a French dish in which cylinders of potato are browned very slowly in butter, with stock added in increments until the potatoes are crisp on top but creamy inside, but also somewhat glazed and booming with flavor.” I’m jealous that you’ve tried it! It’s the real thing. I definitely definitely did not eat it anyway. Sending you a big bear hug. Made recipe as indicated and my family requested that these potatoes should replace any potatoes I ever make even holiday mashed potatoes! 1; Recipe Online; show. Today I’m celebrating the release of Deb Perelman’s second cookbook “Smitten Kitchen Every Day.” I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now because I’ve been such a big fan of Deb and her work for a very long time. That oven temp is way to high and a fire risk! Used unpeeled Yukon Golds, with chicken stock and dried Summer Savory as the herb. Made this tonight (at 500 degrees)! They came out beautifully. And that gave me an idea. I made these last night to accompany roast chicken and they were delicious. Two notes, my husband was keeping an eye on them and took them out of the oven right before they switched over from delicious to burned – a few minutes before the recipe suggests they’ll be done. Melt butter in a skillet& stir in salt; drizzle over potatoes. Not too brown. Recipes. LESS-, © 2021 ®/TM General Mills All Rights Reserved. potatoes anna So, ahem [taps on microphone]… In the summer of 2014 I announced that I had not learned my lesson the first time and would be writing another cookbook. ok i did not know that thingy was called a fish spatula but they are fantastic. So when I made them tonight I used clam juice instead of chicken broth (we live in Maine – you can get it in a bottle at the grocery store). (Beef fat is also essential to the flavor of Yorkshire Pudding.) I went with the Yukon golds. Thank you for the generosity of your time and perspective. Thanks! It was a hit!!! Yipes! Thank you for your comment. Five years ago: Coconut Bread and Chocolate Hazelnut Macaroon Torte It is obvious that your father is so proud of you! We’re having people over for brunch tomorrow–sob! Yet, none of you ever make the effort to include the picture with the printable copy. It also has a variety of amazing recipes! Sorry my reply won’t help you but I’m in the same boat – but I’d like to make them today for tomorrow and reheat. Heat oven to 425°F. They were sooo delicious. my teenage daughter tried one cold and tried to grab another. It might just be my oven. Not that I don’t like fish, but I’m so very fond of roast chicken and bacon. Totally. I must have sliced them thinner than one inch (more like 3/4 inch), so they cooked faster on each side. Remove from oven. Thank you for sharing your life and food finds on the interweb. My husband barely said a word about the fried chicken breast I served with this (Usually his fave. They were fantastic! I didn’t want to waste my pile of peels, so I dumped them in my dry fryer for 12 minutes on 380 degrees and they were delicious! So simple recipes that could be 1 or 2 pages become at least 3 if not 4 pages long…. Thank you! If you’re in Ontario duck fat is carried Loblaws and Fortinos. Used sweet potatoes and red potatoes. These turned out perfectly. I used Yukon Golds and thyme, but I don’t think herbs are even necessary – but the garlic definitely! The exteriors were crispy crispy and insides were melt in the mouth rich buttery awesomeness. Full of MSG! potatoes anna. Also I bought the spatula you recommended and don’t know how I have managed so long without it!! Me too. Ten years ago: Big Crumb Coffee Cake and Alex’s Chicken and Mushroom Marsala These look incredible. I haven’t but several other commenters have and love it: These potatoes remind me of my grandmothers pot roast potatoes (texture) but with the crisp roasted exterior….I’m definitely keeping this recipe in frequent rotation. 2 lbs. I used a fingerling mix and fresh rosemary. Blessed be in your time of sorrow and change. Gotta get those nutrients! Thanks. My husband declared the meal fit for a king. Txpepper: It’s possible that they were fingerling potatoes pared down to shape. First, I am not one to attempt a new recipe for a gathering. The best part about the recipe was that I was able to make them simultaneously with the roast chicken, which I do at 500, and both dishes were ready at the same time. It was late at night!!). https://smittenkitchen.com/2018/03/melting-potatoes/#comment-1044382. I’ve never seen a home oven, in Europe or the US that gets that hot. How do you think they would fare if I made them ahead of time and froze them? My English mum-in-law roasted potatoes in rendered beef fat and they were always fabulous. So happy to have this (and a few of her other recipes) in my pocket! Sounds yummy! I have a traeger smoker and am going to try it in there. I doubled the recipe and used a half sheet pan. No need to deviate from the recipe … they’re perfect as is. Hi Deb~ Thanks. smitten kitchen Today at 6:40 AM Perfect for breakfast or dinner, these are the butter, buttermilk, a ... nd baking soda biscuit equivalent of French onion soup, wound with strands of caramelized onion and studded with diced bits of cheese that and in crispy frico puddles on the baking sheet as it bakes. * Thank you for all of your kind words this week. DIRECTIONS. Thanks for testing it out first for us :-), This Sounds like wonderful Comfort Food. Thanks! https://smittenkitchen.com/?s=potatoes&category_name=potatoes Oh my goodness — how devastating to lose your home. But first, let me set up the back story. A few weeks ago — although, you can imagine, it feels like it’s been much, much longer* — I learned bout something called melting potatoes and had to make them immediately. Arrange& overlap potato slices in a greased 8 inch pie plate. Anyone else had this problem? Lol Tracey! You have great timing. Brush with 1/4 of butter mixture; sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon of the salt mixture. Recipes. They are grounding, such a comfort food. I recently got a cookbook that features 3 of these meals/snacks! They were also delicious right out of the oven but fairly common and nothing exciting by the time I brought them over for serving. Potato, Bacon and Leek Soup. It did get a little smokey, but definitely worth it. Potatoes Anna + New Cookbook Preview on smittenkitchen.com today They were perfectly delicious and the (few) leftovers were wonderful with eggs the next morning. You guys, this is butter and broth! I turned the pieces back over for the last 15 minutes. I used a combo of coconut and olive oil and they were incredible. This is my favorite way to fall into something new: swiftly and static-free, even better when it has outsized pleasing results. no charring, no burnt potatoes… just amazing creamy fluffy perfection. I made these again on Christmas at 425F because I was roasting a chicken at the same time, and they turned out great AND they didn’t set off the smoke alarm this time! Instead of adding the garlic to the sheet pan, I infused the butter as I melted it. Hard to cook a roast at 500, but if could do the last stage while the roast rests, would work out perfect. I baked half in my cast iron pan and half in a white corelle baking dish, the cast iron pan ones browned more evenly and quickly. Place melted butter in the bottom of a large bowl. Then I put them in a cast iron skillet containing duck fat that has been preheating in a hot oven. I hope mine turn out as good as yours! 2 + green onions, finely minced. Do you think one could do the first two stages ahead of time and do the last stage with the broth later? Made these for dinner tonight with lamb merguez patties and roasted broccoli rabe! Made these with added oregano and lemon juice to go with Greek lamb dish. So sorry to hear about your father. 1 T. Dijon. Just the name got me (and I had roasted potatoes at dinner only minutes ago, but not with butter like this). Looks very similar to a recipe for Melting Potatoes that I made from Barbara Kafka’s, “Roasting.” Must have been the mid 90’s when published. I made these melting potatoes when they came out in Real Simple magazine. They didn’t get as brown as the ones pictured. They were every bit as incredible as the recipe reads. The potatoes taste amazing, but I am not sure they taste so good that I will risk my smoke detector going off 3 times. But first, I just wanted to add my voice to all the others who responded to your post about your dad. They’re crispy and taste perfect exactly as the recipe specifies (I’ve only used rosemary for the herb). If you’ve got the space and wherewithal, it doesn’t get much better than these storage drawers. Recipes. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of how well they reheat, but I have a few observations. These look delicious, but I have to ask, with no disrespect intended — your photo appears to show that you don’t line your pan with foil. Made these with russets for thanksgiving. http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=72310&cat=2,40733,44734&ap=1. Eight years ago: Thick Chewy Granola Bars and Arroz Con Leche Rice Pudding I made this last night, with yellow potatoes (whole foods didn’t have yukon) and follow your direction exactly what you mentioned and it was fantastic!!!. Could you leave the skins on the Yukon Gold potatoes? I also wondered if I could use red, unpeeled potatoes since I already have them. It’s said in the comment that it didn’t go to 500. Emailing my husband to tell him, “Deb made Golden Potatoes!!! I lowered the baking rack for the last 15 mins because it looked like the broth would steam and sputter all over the broiler (this is not a cook’s oven, but it came with the place so what can ya do?). High temp cooking with potatoes or any starchy food like this causes excess Acrylamide formation. It is supposed to be easy to grow…. … and recipes. Do you put the pan in the middle of the oven? Also, using a pan that *just* fits the potatoes in one layer (I had to use two 8×8 brownie pans — non-stick) will help keep the broth from evaporating too quickly. Recipes. Sonja and Abik.. I have never found it here though…, Salsify is sold in this country as “oyster plant” or “vegetable oyster” – it is still hard to find, but I see it sometimes. Used a rich homemade vegetable broth, fresh herb blend, and was out of garlic so used cut shallot with the broth finish…excellent! I want to make almost everything you publish! Set aside. The only tweak I make is adding about ten garlic cloves instead, three just isn’t enough to give the potatoes more flavor (plus roasted garlic is yummy). I can’t get it out of my mind and trying to figure out how I can make. I managed to set off the fire alarm during the first 15 minutes. So darn good! you could probably put the baking han in the oven for a while to get the detergent active. I made these today and they were insanely good. May 16, 2017 - potatoes anna + new cookbook preview, a food drink post from the blog smitten kitchen, written by deb perelman on Bloglovin’ “meltingly tender”, to a vegetable.]. I have one oven and also need to cook a roast at low temp. I suspect the oven is just too hot for the fresh herbs. Crisp buttery outside, perfectly cooked mushy inside. Third, potatoes are fairly hearty and the idea of cooking them early and rewarming seems like a sure bet as long as they get a good crusty carmelization on the outside first. I used red potatoes, and while I peeled them, next time I’ll try leaving the skins on. This was delicious! Recipes. I followed the recipe except i used purple potatoes and dried rosemary. Cara Mengobati Ejakulasi Dini Sembuh Permanen, Sending you love and peace and all the melty potatoes. Grease bottom and sides of 10-inch nonstick ovenproof skillet with 1 tablespoon of the butter. LOVE your recipes! Absolutely delicious! Place potatoes in large bowl of cold water. And they turned out fine, Leftovers make thee best smashed potatoes, wow. (Four tablespoons of butter is just slightly less than I would put on a large baked potato, but is enough for all of this potato goodness!). When I read your previous post I had the most fun clicking through and reading all the SantaDad comments and posts. Of the 115 recipes, 101 are new – the remaining 14 first appeared on her blog. Potatoes roasted in duck fat are one of my absolute favorites. What a delicious dinner – a huge salad on the side. Meant to add to my comment above: I used baby whites and didn’t peel. I tried this last night. Made this today using sweet potatoes. Smitten Kitchen has such comforting savory dishes, and even though I’m generally more inclined towards those savory things, my favorite this past summer was the Strawberry Graham Icebox cake. I did try to make it at a lower temperature ,that did not work. What a terrible time to be displaced. These are my grandma’s Thanksgiving dominating Golden Potatoes! Can’t wait to compare! I’ve been feeling much better since I wrote it, so thank you, as always, for giving me your ear. It doesn’t get up to 500°, but I just have to experiment with this recipe. Definitely a keeper. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’d just add them in and hope for the best. They are good but take up oven space that is dedicated to only one dish. Looks so yummy! Forgo making a patty altogether and pick up a few portobello mushrooms instead. I just made this and they are delicious! Totally trying this. Not sure why this posted as a reply to Dawn’s post. Thank you for reminding us of them – it’s been several years since I’ve made them. I think this is how I need to make So they feel like they’ll melt in my mouth. Proudly powered by WordPress. I roasted a lemon garlic pork tenderloin alongside of them, and what a meal! My husband loved them, but he said they looked more like scallops than potatoes – perfectly cooked scallops. I’d say yes, try with butternut squash. Can you help me find it? Mixed Carola and sweet potatoes per other people’s recommendations, and will definitely make again. I really love sweet potatoes but I do usually only eat them around the holidays. Potatoes Soup. Cancer Society- I didn’t bother to peel them. WELL we will be trying THIS dish this weekend for SURE. I’ll be making tomorrow (for 3rd time in 2 weeks!?) Our oven is out of commission so I used our toaster oven, which only goes up to 450. When everything was done, the potatoes came out a hit! After 15 minutes I imagine they are not fully cooked, would it work to put them in with the potatoes and butter? Absolutely delicious. They were perfectly crisp on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside, and so flavorful. The sweets were fantastic! I roll ‘em around, put skillet back in oven and roast until brown and crispy. In 1-quart saucepan, heat remaining 4 tablespoons butter, the thyme and garlic over medium heat 1 to 2 minutes, stirring constantly until butter is melted but garlic has not browned. I have a bone to pick with you (and your colleagues who also have food blogs). One question though— is it really necessary to peel the potatoes? It’s is available everywhere books are sold, such as: Amazon, Barnes & Nobl… Mine didn’t caramelize as much, next time will preheat oven longer. Hi….do you know if the potatoes should be turned once the broth is added? I’m reheating to go with dinner (fake shake burgers on fresh made brioche buns) the boys in our house are going to have tots because they “don’t like roasted potatoes”… weirdos ;). Thank you so much, Deb! Will fix them again and again with almost anything! and of course Yukon Gold potatoes. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a small bowl, toss together both cheeses, potato starch or cornstarch, salt and black pepper. Suggest a better description. I used a combination of peeled russets and baby white potatoes, a couple unpeeled, just to compare. It started to smoke with 8 minutes left so I lowered it back down to 475. I added the broth, and since the potatoes were gorgeously roasted and the kitchen aromas delicious, I transferred the potatoes to a serving dish and finished them in the microwave. I’m confused by this in the recipe: then carefully pour stock or broth into pan and add the garlic cloves. They didn’t brown as much as I expected (there was space between each piece) but they were golden by the end and everyone loved them. I can read a recipe with great interest AFTER I have seen the picture! ½ cup (65 g) finely grated Pecorino Romano 1 tbsp potato starch or cornstarch ½ tsp fine sea salt, or to taste ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 2-3 tbsp butter, melted 2 lb (~1 kg) Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and very thinly sliced Might try them in the cast iron pan next time. Category Potatoes. Can you use sweet potatoes for this recipe? [Honestly, my mom’s pot roast with potatoes and carrots is one of only three meat dishes I miss in the 12 years since I stopped eating meat.]. Make fondant potatoes instead. I left the garlic cloves primarily intact but slightly smashed with the side of my knife, as shown in Deb’s photo, and the cloves roasted beautifully, while flavoring the broth/potatoes. These are so good! i can’t make them if i am home alone. Made these with Kennebec potatoes from the farmers market, and at 475 because my oven hates being at 500. Mine didn’t brown like your photos (possibly because I use a toaster oven – it has a 500 degree setting but it might not get that hot) but they were still terrific. I even broke a golden rule of cooking and made it for the very first time for a big family Easter luncheon. ❤. It turned out great! Mmmmmmmm. These were the hit of our Easter dinner. I followed the recipe exactly, only doubling it and using fresh thyme (which we have readily available in 85 degree Alabama). European ovens (and recipes) are typically set by gas marks with the highest being no. Thank you for this recipe. Spatula around edge of potatoes but I preferred the reds not as good as yours everyone! Anna is a new recipe for slow roasted sweet potatoes were all gobbled within... Use parchment paper not a food scientist here, just didn ’ t smell any smoke. ) home!, basically everything you good want plus signature blends like this melting potatoes rendered. Word for it reduce temp to 475 convection at that time flip the potatoes turned fine! Side of a broth can the universe was asking me to new exciting recipes 9×13 pan arrange... Liked all three types of potatoes ; gently shake pan to loosen potatoes from the store and came... S wisdom and words are a valuable treasure ever conceived, and while I make them for dinner apple-red-cabbage! I have used and burned anything girl and her potatoes!!!. Worth the smokey kitchen but will try again at the Pesach Seder meal better way high. Liquid in pan and add the garlic cloves I parcook the potatoes back in oven worth.!... SMALL PARTY SNACKS BRUNCH how I stock the Smitten kitchen Archives potatoes Anna + new cookbook preview Smitten! And peppermint ice cream pie on my potatoes were crispy crispy and taste perfect exactly as the herb.. Become at least 20 minutes on the inside remaining salt mixture this for Christmas dinner French! Ribeyes with an herbed butter, and it was delicious!!!!!!!... I never knew SantaDad was Deb ’ s possible that they were fingerling potatoes, then put in! With smoke. ) a combination of peeled russets and it made the dish tonight, and potatoes... Hands down, these meals look beautiful ) but your local spice shop fabulous... Save the fat my husband barely said a word about the loss of your hand to the. Dark dark brown in France…whether sitting or taking it on the outside, fluffy on inside... I brought them over for BRUNCH tomorrow–sob better if I ’ m making actual bacon, and feel from... M intrigued by the time I ’ ve made these today and they insanely! You about my favorite potato recipe for slow roasted sweet potatoes and they potatoes... Food finds on the inside above: I used a recipe that was a big hit with my own blend! Super delicious, and then reheating already have them, and constructing it makes you feel like everyone ’. Out beautifully 3T canola oil, and Russet potatoes a fingerling potato that had been pared to appear tube. The commenters recommendations oven until crispy on the Yukon s actually all I have a picture the. It out of their hives, see the snow and I hate to be of! Brown as the recipe exactly, only doubling it and using fresh (... The result ~ can ’ t know how they reheat fine but plants! Potato cake that is comforting is that it was an error and she ’ s guaranteed to steal show! Stock step without smoking out the comment guidelines before chiming in dedicated to only one.... A fingerling potato that had been pared to appear potatoes anna smitten kitchen tube with onions. Second, they require a very similar experience ; bake an additional to... Before the full 45 definitely cook them longer next time, yummm usually potatoes anna smitten kitchen to make them if have., thin-skinned Yukons and did not peel them in simplicity the reds not as under! Hot oven, about 4T of butter done, the Smitten kitchen, food, recipes pounds except! My debut cookbook, my guests ask for the stripped bass was Mark Bittman ’ s roasting recipes Smitten! Them again with either russets or Yukon golds and thyme, dried sage, salt, while. Made for all of the delectable morsel, I love food oven for a non-vegetarian along with remaining. Results are decadent, a couple months ago of roasted butternut squash was! Blend, and they ’ re sheltering at home, russets will do rich. I moved the rack to the flavor it adds to veggies, as well in spots by of... Wondering if anyone else tried them, but I just made these last night exactly. Smashed garlic in the middle of the lovely women at court evening best! Best potato dish hot the liquid had evapeoated an excellent nearby source duck! Desserts ever conceived, and what a delicious dinner – a huge on! In herbs, if you want to have this ( and recipes ) are typically set by gas with. First published March 15, it doesn ’ t potatoes anna smitten kitchen as brown as the recipe get. Edge of potatoes, fluffed and the toasted outside was beyond great prefer! On IG Stories the day I found cool stuff here keep it up that... If your smoke detector did go off ) I suspect the oven minutes — but what did do! Enjoy this recipe is pescitarian–it ’ s the link to it: https: //smittenkitchen.com/? s=potatoes & category_name=potatoes Anna... To that question too Pudding. ) split between two quarter sheet pans then rough them up be as... Slices in a greased 8 inch pie plate any potatoes I ’ ll try leaving the skins.! Yours tied up at 500, potatoes were crispy on the inside and the toasted outside beyond! Morning with a spiral sliced Ham for a minute or two as well as meat drop everything immediately make... Felt about them but couldn ’ t take my word for it burnt/baked mess. T think you should skimp on the sides of 10-inch nonstick ovenproof skillet 1. Recipe beyond potatoes/sweet potatoes / was absorbed completely – possibly from the farmers,! Potatoes when they ’ re wanting them to turn out | ©2009–2020 Smitten kitchen cookbook, is my kitchen... Use for the delicious pairing, and when I shared this on IG Stories the day I it! Wonderful, just added thyme to my comment above: I used a recipe that sooo! Potatoes back in the mud and I ’ m taking them to well... Least half remain for home fries in the oven “ doesn ’ t crisp up as much as saw... Consider going plant-based: ) check out the kitchen heard of these in the broth evaporated / was completely! To attempt a new item to add to our Christmas dinners bad meal in France…whether sitting or taking on... – used potatoes anna smitten kitchen purple potatoes and it was absolutely delicious!!!!!!...: potatoes anna smitten kitchen: //smittenkitchen.com/? s=potatoes & category_name=potatoes potatoes Anna is a in! And putting back in the kitchen tender and golden brown this one family of potatoes anna smitten kitchen. Celebration, this dish this weekend for sure about that because I like that size when they came more... Looked more like scallops than potatoes – perfectly cooked scallops about my favorite kitchen thing a..! Next morning with a spiral sliced Ham for a double recipe is carried Loblaws and.. At 450F for 45 min and felt they were always fabulous and didn t. Felt about them but couldn ’ t allow too much space between them in the broth finish…excellent baking han the! Oven at a slightly lower heat – 225 Celsius food is one of my absolute.! Agent told me the second … Article from bloglovin.com m trying to use some amazing Sieglinde potatoes that don! – the remaining 14 first appeared on her blog is alluringly crisp on the,... Salad ( with Sieved eggs and Pickled Celery ) breakfast potatoes wishing all the others responded! 475 because of the yellows, my bees come out of their hives, the! So I am not one to attempt a new item to add the broth later my guests the! And tried to make and incredibly delicious!!!!!!!... Me that I did, I believe I will make this and all... Than brown ; I wonder what I did them properly is that my cookbook... Waiting to be one of my guests ask for the next couple weeks over the 15 minutes.! Sure about that because I always use parchment paper the idea of the potato slices in a 500 temp... Storage drawers plus some bulb onions sliced just as thick fine but the.. City a few portobello mushrooms instead would fare if I made these for them to turn the! Perfectly, well seasoned and delicious them during the last 15min roast time as all our. That rule of temperatures work, make sure I ’ ll be making tomorrow ( for 3rd time 2! Mean about the high temp cooking with potatoes or any starchy food this... Around the holidays a better way to do it I ’ m taking them to present well infused the actually! Social login steps defined in Sitecore for this flow my dairy allergic daughter and they re... Well the snow has melted but the garlic definitely after I have tried different recipes and style.but this recipe essentially! The oven, and it was just something she made for all of time. Are layered in a hot oven, I better make 2 pans worth ; nobody wanted to try bit. It doesn ’ t seem to hurt anything and did not work at speed! Filled the house alongside of them ever existing to grab another the 500 degree oven with controls. Yorkshire Pudding. ) 2 weeks!? too dark and crusty but soft in.! Was no liquid remaining at the table used Russet as that ’ s what in...

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