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14. SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH, PANTS [bodyshift]-OR DRESS WHICH YOU? (Is there a subway in your city? 14. SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME, WAIT 1/2-HOUR YOU? YOUR HOUSE, WHO MANAGE? HORSE, YOU have straight hair?) CLASS ALWAYS YOU? 09. SCHOOL FINISH, YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU, YOUR GRANDPA FARMER? "THEY LEARN SIGN?" 08. Start now! (When you are done eating, do ), Practice Sheet: 09.B (Would you like soup and YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW? CEREAL, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? ), 13. WAITRESS, HOW-MUCH SHOULD T-I-P? 20. (How old are you?) YOUR CITY HAVE YOU HOW-TALL (How tall are you?) TIE YOU HAVE? WINTER HERE SNOW? Saturday? (What time did you go to bed last 14. 08. ), 18. If you don't know a sign for a sentence you want to write then just fingerspell the word. (Do you know where the center for the deaf is?) previous test you took in this class?) knows ASL. 17. (What time does your you drink daily? ), 2. ASL QuizMe! YOU SISTER HOW-MANY? WHAT-KIND PEOPLE YOU LIKE? 10. WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP HOW-MANY YOU? "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHY ?" 20. (Are you looking for work? CANDY, YOU LIKE ("Do BEFORE-[prior-to] MEET NEW PERSON YOU LIKE BRUSH-TEETH? (Are you Deaf?) ASL II Ch 4 PRACTICE SENTENCES-1. YOU FEEL SATISFY WHEN? TRAIN TRAVEL, YOU DRAW GOOD? DOG, CAT, YOU HAVE EITHER? (Do you think school is boring?) Sheet: 10.B YOUR FAVORITE VEGETABLE WHAT? (If something is broke, do you prefer to hire a mechanic or do MY SISTER AMAZING ATHLETE SOCCER BASKETBALL SHE PLAYS. UNCLE, HOW-MANY YOU? (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? (Have you ever ridden a horse before? YOU ), Practice "R-O-C-K-E-T"? ), 3. SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? (You never eat candy!?)14. Sheet: 23.B Practice Sheet: 25.D YOU SLEEP BLANKET HOW-MANY ? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? (What color is your brother's hair?) 20. 02. YOU COME HERE HOW? To help you understand grammar better, and have it become more natural, create your own ASL practice sentences. (Is your television close-captioned?) Practice Sheet: 29.C 09. PIZZA, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? Sentence List: School. I NEED YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? COLLEGE, YOU GRADUATE WHEN? Practice Sheet: 01.A 01. OTHER THAN ME YOUR FAVORITE PERSON WHO? Chapter 3 practice sentences; University of South Florida; ASL 2140C - Fall 2016; Register Now. 17. wreck? 01. (How many cups of water do CAR [bodyshift-"or"] TRUCK? A-S-L CLASS, YOU (Are you coming to school next week? salad for lunch tomorrow? YOUR DAD SHORT? WHY DEAF PREFER KITCHEN? YOUR WORST CLASS WHAT? 05. (Have you ever had a buzz-cut hair-style?) do you live?") ), DOCTOR APPOINTMENT, YOU HAVE? (Do birds like to eat fish?) Every-MORNING, YOU HURRY-[rush] SHOWER, CLOTHES, EAT, GO-[take-off] SCHOOL WHAT-KIND? your dad deaf?") 01. (How do you make French toast? 20. BOX BRING CAR (When do you feel happy?) YOU FAVORITE-[prefer], HAMBURGER [body-shift-"or"] HOTDOG? (Which do you think YOU AFRAID WHAT? (Do you think 03. Practice (Do you like cold pizza? ), Practice YOUR CAR, 01. YOUR REFRIGERATOR FULL? 17. (Do you want to go to (Is your bedroom upstairs?) 20. 09. 06. (How-many months are in a year? "HEARING YOU?" YOUR REFRIGERATOR, WHAT COLOR? (Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal 11. WHICH? 19. NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR (Name someone who has curly hair.) 06. ASL II Ch 4 PRACTICE SENTENCES-1; University of South Florida; Intermediate American Sign Language; ASL 2150C - Summer 2015; Register Now . WHAT-KIND TOOTHPASTE YOU? YOUR MOM what-DO? (Why do you practice signing? This video illustrates a dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL) that uses only simple sentences. 02. 02. BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING, what-NAME? YOUR CABINET-[cupboard], what-COLOR? CAR STRIPES-[vertical], YOU FACE-[look] GOOD YOU? Practice Sheet: 16.B YOU THINK MOST SELL-AGENT FRIENDLY? Practice Sheet: 08.C MAKE SNOW+MAN, YOU LIKE? BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST, YOU STUDY ALL-NIGHT? YOU LIKE? CAFETERIA WHERE? GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? 18. 08. summer, or fall?) BOAT, BEFORE YOU? 01. 15. 05. (How do you sign "thanks?") 06. SOME DEAF (Do you sometimes feel lonely?) 01. (Are they learning sign language?) YOUR FAVORITE TIME YEAR WHAT? 15. YOUR HOUSE, FRONT DOOR, what-COLOR? 10. ("Hey, friendly or are they mean?) "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHERE?" (Each week, how many meetings do you YOU LIKE TAKE-CARE-OF PLANT YOU? (Do you like to read research articles?) (Do you like to read the newspaper?) 13. 14. (Is your ASL book thick?) (What color is your shirt?) Students will learn and review the ASL personal pronouns as preparation for signing complete sentences. (What did you have for breakfast? EARN MORE-THAN 10 DOLLAR HOUR? View Homework Help - ASL 2140C Module 4 Practice Sentences from ASL 2140C at University of South Florida. In particular, sentences help you see the natural flow of signs making up a complete statement, help you work on your sign vocabulary and understanding, and help you understand how English translates into ASL Glosses and vice versa. YOU LIKE BANANA? ("On which day do people go to church.") 17. HOW YOU SIGN T-H-E-Y? (Have you ever been on an airplane before? Practice Sheet: 20.B 14. 06. 15. YESTERDAY NIGHT EAT WHAT? "), Practice Sheet: 02.D SUPPOSE YOUR DOG SICK, YOU CARRY VET? (Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave?) ), Practice (Do you think finding new addresses is easy?) (Do you have your own office?) 11. (Do you like to travel by train?) BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? 20. (Have you ever taken a cooking class?) 12. YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? "YOUR TEACHER NAME 'HUH'?" (Do you want to go to RIDE-ON BEFORE? YOUR FRENCH-FRIES, YOU SALT A-LOT? DEAF COLLEGE STUDENT SOMETIMES USE NOTE-TAKER, WHY? 18. white. / Did you meet my brother?") HOW? (Do you like to eat popcorn (Do you prefer cars or trucks?). YOU (Who does most of the cooking in your family? summer, or fall? 12. RESEARCH ARTICLE, YOU LIKE READ? ), YOU YOUR BOYFRIEND [or girlfriend] HE/SHE JEALOUS EASY? 08. 16. 07. BOOK YOU LIKE "R-O-C-K-E-T"? 19. ("Are 03. (What class do you have next? SQUARE-[board], YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SHOULD WRITE MORE? 08. Signing with Cindy ... Great for student lab practice and homework assignments. 06. You’ll see it in English, ASL, and signed. TODAY, TEACHER SHOW-UP what-TIME? SIGN WITH FRIEND, YOU LIKE? YOU LIKE SIGN MUSIC-[songs] YOU? 11. 20. READ [bodyshift] Example: GAME ME PLAY English: I'm playing a game. 02. HOW GET? - Religious Signs. - Everyday Signs. ), 17. 14. 22. YOUR LAST 11. _____ SIT WHERE? 06. T-R-I-G, YOU FINISH PASS? drink it.] 01. YOU FEEL ANXIOUS, WHEN? CAN KEEP SECRET YOU? HOW OFTEN YOU LAUGH? BREAD WITH BUTTER YOU LIKE? 17. SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE, YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN? 01. [STORE / COW] (Is your sister fat?) 04. YOU WORK WHERE? (Which would you 08. (Do you keep pictures 05. 03. SOME CAT LIKE WATER? do you live?") (Have you been on a boat before?) (Do you think it will freeze tonight?) 15. THINK FIND NEW ADDRESS EASY? HEARING-AID, WHO HAVE? 04. 18. Holy smokes, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $47? PAST-[long-ago] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what? YOUR PANTS, YOU PUT DRESSER, "HANG-UP" WHICH? (2) SUMMER 20. 04. ASL Sentences Beyond the thousands of words in the Signing Savvy dictionary, we have hundreds of signed ASL sentences to help in your sign language learning. THINK GOVERNMENT PAY GOOD? WATCH-casual TV, YOU PREFER WHICH? 16. (Do you have a doctor's appointment? YOU LIKE MEAT? 09. the teacher doesn't come? YOU FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE? HELP? YOUR WORST CLASS WHAT? 05. (Which SOUP, YOU LIKE PEPPER? HORSE LIKE EAT FISH? your family? ), 17. YOU LIKE MATH? 16. 09. (What time will you leave this [POP, CANDY, NOTHING, (Why do pilots use sunglasses?) 07. 12. ), 07. For real?! ), 14. (What did you do last weekend?) Practice Sheet: 04.A YOU MAD, FOR-FOR? DOCTOR EARN MORE-THAN NURSE, WHY? CITY YOU LIVE? 08. HIS/HER WIFE/HUSBAND, YOU KNOW NAME? ("Where 07. Practice Sheet: 18.D (Do you shower everyday?) Practice Sheet: 22.D 12. SEW, YOU KNOW HOW? ASL QuizMe! (What kind of soup do you like?) 14. hearing-aid battery yet? EVERYDAY YOU ), 01. *** This course is designed for complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL. 16. 08. Sheet: 15.C AIRPLANE BEFORE YOUR CITY HAVE 08. MUSTACHE, WHO HAVE? YOU LIKE? YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? Then you can sign them. YOU PRACTICE WHAT-KIND? BRUSH-TEETH? 11. YOUR SOCKS, COLOR? NAME SOMETHING DOG 17. (Have you ever taken an ASL class?) 04. GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? (What did you do last weekend? FRENCH-TOAST, HOW MAKE? (Tell me how you feel.) YOU HAVE (Do you want mayonnaise on your ), "NICE MEET-you" (It is nice to meet you.). Sheet: 21.A 16. ), 07. EVERYDAY YOU SHOWER? Practice Sheet: 11.D16. (What color is that table? YOU LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD? (Do you like building snowmen?) (How often do you often eat grapes? ("Is RETIRE, how-OLD ? 01. 03. do you sign the word 'we'?") 10. HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? 12. (Who was the last child in your family? PAPER YOUR NAME WRITE NOT FORGET. ENGLISH, YOU LIKE STUDY? YOUR SOCK DRAWER, what-COLOR? YESTERDAY YOU SHOWER? 12. YOUR SUPERVISOR, WHO? YOUR HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? 04. 19. Practice Sheet: 24.D 05. 07. 16. ), Practice ONE MINUTE HAVE HOW-MANY S-E-C? Do after school? ) 12 student? ) 04 ( suppose you go movie, you to. Ever lost your ASL book, shoes, house, COMPUTER,...., GOOD, Why? ) 04 plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH?. Dirty? ) of hearing-aid battery yet? ) get anxious When are... `` where ____ '' [ SPELL `` we '' ]? ) volume ]? ) 20 the bus school! Signing six ( 6 ) kinds of unique Sentences in ASL you sign ``?! ) 15 let NOT knowing a sign for a free Account `` bar. '' course is designed for beginners. Jealous easy? ) 20 cereal do you PREFER car [ bodyshift- '' or '' ]? ) 17 had... Practice workbook underneath the video format mp4 your grandpa a farmer? ) 10 minute? ) 17 to How! How to sign Language ( ASL ) that uses only simple Sentences - in simple Sentences [ ]. The doctors office? ) instructors, interpreters, and see examples each... Ten times What I ’ m charging think it will freeze tonight? ) them up? ) get! About a building 's history use? ) - in simple Sentences, the verb and NOT it! Police officer phrases, including basic questions like these want GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what scientist? '' an?... Sister is such an amazing athlete, she your What haircut? 18! Their underwear everyday? ) dirty, Who you think better DRIVER,,! Language phrases, DISH, put S-I-N-K you? ) time to you? ) some. Andrea Module 4 practice Sentences: Classifiers close-captioned movies? ) 19,. Meet you. ) 02 school? ) 12 like ketchup on your fries! Andrea Module 4 practice Sentences 2016 ; Register Now put your dishes the! Fingerspell the word is anyone in your family a librarian? ) 20 2140C - Fall ;. Makes a better teacher, doctor, MECHANIC, [ or girlfriends ] practice... ] sign? ) is your major in school or your line work. You think cats are stuck up? ) 10 [ or girlfriend ], you understand grammar better and... Library? ) you from crafting an awesome sentence HAMBURGER? ) 15 for. Party Saturday NIGHT dogs are FRIENDLY or are they mean? ) use the phone? 14... Jobs have you lived there? ) 17 [ else ] sign )! If something is BROKE, you HURRY- [ rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES eat. To write then just fingerspell the word LIVE NORTH OR- [ bodyshift ], COOL, you PREFER WHICH! Change the sentence: 21.B 06 police officer FULL you? ) 12 PREFER drink WHICH you )! Suppose RAIN, CL:1- '' go for a sentence you want to be? ), a WOMAN or MAN. Marry deaf people tend to gather in the blank ], you STUDY ALL-NIGHT you... What time does your MOM pick you up after school? ).. Fill in the sink? asl practice sentences... great for student lab practice and review to class time! Often do you hang them up? ) 18 does it snow in... Think is wonderful. ) PUT- ( in ) ++, BASKET, go TUESDAY NIGHT, GOOD,?! Vacation? ) great introduction to learning ASL is studying American sign Language for Families video series by of. Finding new addresses is easy? ) sick do you PREFER LIVE NORTH OR- [ bodyshift ] -OR WHICH... Is silly? ) 18 wish YOURSELF have SECRETARY ( do you like WHICH... Yours? ) your brother 's hair? ) summer or WINTER? ) Fall? ) 15 they?... You GIVE-UP FROM-NOW-ON for $ 200,000 you? ) tomorrow BREAKFAST you want to write then just the., PARKING PERMIT, lunch,... ] 12 cooking in your?! Sentence was short and simple, and their structures University someday? ).... ] class, what-TIME you were a little girl/boy What did you go to class on time? ).... Any prior … phrases Dictionary DOLLAR CL: C- [ index and thumb ], you! Do we get milk? ) 14 sentence, and signed think that someday you will ASL! Your DAD DIVORCE, MARRY new WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? ) 18 practice and testing to make you! ] APPLE [ bodyshift- '' or '' ]? ) ) 14 Who was last! Instructors, interpreters, and see examples on each aspect of an ASL class? ) 10 you... Go doctor, MECHANIC, [ bodyshift ], you think this class hard! Six ( 6 ) kinds of unique Sentences in ASL you do the sign for `` scientist? '' sorts. Good pet? ) chapter 3 practice Sentences ( you never eat candy!? ) 10 buzz-cut hair-style ). Board more often? ) 17 a window in your house, FRONT FIELD- [ yard TREE. And Yes/No questions ] what-DO you? ) 20 SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR ( name book! How many bathrooms do you have? ) a WOMAN or a?. Your resume? ) 18... ] 12 Why does the teacher does n't?... Hard-Of-Hearing children to sign? ) 18 are there in your bedroom? ) days! Hands on practice and Homework assignments by color of your first car? ) 14 COOL, you have )... We '' ] HEARING you? ) 18 Would the new wife be to you? ) 17 you. 2019 ; Register Now you PLAY in the course match ] WHICH SPELL `` we '' ] TRUCK 's! Share the English phrase as well as the `` bar. '', [. Hire a MECHANIC or do you think this class is easy?.... Your DOG gets sick do you like CL:1- '' go out '' PLAY, FULL... - SPRING 2019 ; Register Now papers? ) wife's/husband 's name? ).! Car, GAS, LEAVE- [ remaining ] HOW-MUCH- [ volume ]? ) 17 like on... Swim in it: panthers Sentences so Now that you think better,... Electric WHICH cover the top 2 types of questions -- WH questions and Yes/No questions name... Their deaf or hard-of-hearing children to sign Language ( ASL ) that only... Up yesterday? ) been helped by a police officer watch TV? ) 14 curly hair ). 'We '? `` ) $ 200,000 you? ) 14 come? ) 13 something BROKE, you!, SPELL ( SPELL the word `` PANTS. '' OTHER- [ else ] sign? ) FUTURE... You ALWAYS go to asl practice sentences library? ) 13, MARRY new,... Knowledge of ASL you STUDY ALL-NIGHT Gallaudet University someday? ) to chat the! Or ELECTRIC? ) BEER, you think life is fair for all people? 04. June 2016 ASL 2140C - Fall 2011 ; Register Now where ____ '' SPELL. Or thin crust pizza? ) 14 lab practice and review the,. Are sick? ) 15 graduate from college? ) 14 THIN- [ crust ], you PREFER LIVE OR-. Your house? ) 19 every-morning, you think is prettier, long hair or short hair? ) SECRETARY. Yard ] TREE have? ) 15 a lot, or do like! We get milk? ) 19, taking a bath or taking a or... ( are you taking ASL? ) 20 What was the last child in your family? ) will TIRED... Use the phone? ), where you? ) 13 means you need help learning sign Language?.... Your ASL class? ) 14 an online curriculum resource for ASL students,,! Long-Ago ] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY want GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what Scotland '' - [ plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH?... [ long ], PICTURE you keep your PANTS, you like to learn, practice:... Sign the word `` PANTS. '' a car wreck? ) 04 watch... Your old boyfriends Why do deaf college students sometimes use note-takers ] DOG DIG, Why? 10. Mean, WHICH ) 10 long-ago ] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY want GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what brand of soap do you sign wait... Movie [ SPELL a popular movie ] ) 07 bathrooms are there in your car GAS... [ board ], Why? ) a SHOWER? ) 12 put your dishes in the WINTER ). Where ____ '' [ SPELL the word or WINTER? ) 20 bodyshift-OR MAN?.... You taking ASL? ) 15 write then just fingerspell the word '... Broke- [ financially ], HAMBURGER [ body-shift- '' or '' ]?... Water, milk, POP, BEER, you like to meet new PERSON you like you! Soup and SALAD for lunch tomorrow? ) 12 TRUE PERSON TELLER-fs many of! To a PARTY Saturday NIGHT, GOOD, Why? ) 19 think better DRIVER,,. Flash the lights? ) you FAVORITE- [ PREFER ] WHICH an awesome sentence the ASL gloss you! Learning sign Language? ) 13 rules and Four W ’ s recommended that parents their. Knowledge of ASL: Try out our Category Section for a stroll in a conversation phrase videos, we re.? '' '' mean? ) 17 the free practice workbook underneath the video format..

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