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Aside from grammar & sentencing mistakes, I found their contract totally one sided. Every author or speaker who needs to get their message out should use traditional publishing with random house who takes over your book rights and pays out a meager 8.25% of every sale? I've been sent a contract by Morgan James and they are wanting me to purchase 2,500 copies at print cost + $2.00 per unit. Because your book has been selected by curators in our network (including Library Journal), you are now eligible for our IAP Select commercial collections and to receive royalties." Prosper. What about Rushmore Press? Is Trilogy publishing Reparable? I feel if your book get accepted by a publisher, the company should pay you or get paid by royalties. Other than that, they don't raise any red flags. - they don't ask you for *any* money upfront (especially not reading fees, publishing contribution fees) I wouldn't be able to recommend similar publishers to you as we don't keep a list on Reedsy, however I'd suggest you take a look at Poets & Writers and Authors Publish as resources. you pay for all the production and marketing services). Everything you read above about scammers is true with this group. Anyone reading this who would like copies of any of this please feel free to contact me. What publishing company would be advised for this? What about Kary Oberbrunner's Author Elite Academy? Usually, this means that they'll list your book with a wholesaler, like Ingram — which means that booksellers can order it. Thank you for the warnings re: NRM! I received a call today saying that he's a literary agent, and my book was "recommended" to him for review. Starting an "award" is a common marketing tactic to attract authors. What kind of companies are Author House and Christian Faith Publishing? You should have rejected if straight away . I know someone who just recently had a book published in with them. Sent in my children's book, WOW--TO A CHILD CHRIST RETURNED--for review. Don't fall for it. Loved it I wish I would have read this all earlier! Just got accepted to Page Publishing? My father, David Duncan (not to be confused with Dave Duncan from Canada) wrote 13 novels, mysteries and science fiction books, as well as a couple of science fiction screen plays and lots of screen plays for television. As always, approach with caution. THANK YOU! It's tough to know which company you're talking about, as there seem to be a lot of publishing companies with "Mulberry" in their name. Stay miles away from this company. Any info on them would be helpful as well. Well Jacqueline you don’t have to shout at me, because your nothing. The IP valuation (how much could the IP POTENTIALLY earn during the life of the author plus 70 years?) The publishing world has its fair share of scammers and disreputable companies. Not a scam. The Indie Author’s Guide to Free Reviews is an updated article from Publishers Weekly by By … . Are they reputable companies and is it worth submitting a book proposal to Hay House’s free writers workshop book publishing contract if given the chance? Here is a brief review why and how should you start publishing your titles on Scribd today. I have published with them before but they were bought out recently and I am unsure about them now, as I have heard some negative things. Says he interviews authors on his radio show. So let's imagine that a reputable hybrid publisher goes through a rough spell, and is suddenly getting short on cash. Avoid Prodigy Gold books at any cost. Is TBNs Trilogy Christian Publishing legit? If you decide not to get an ISBN, you’ll probably be fine. Their sales ranking, # of reviews, and cover art quality will give you a pretty good idea of their standing. I've checked their website and it seems to pass the initial smell test. INFO. See the "Vanity Presses" part of our article (the first one). But sometimes, ‘winning’ authors will be obliged to pay an ‘editing fee’ for that privilege — which is not great. I have already talked to a representative and of course they want $5,000 and I told the man that I don't have that kind of money to spend right now. Was that deleted? What do you think? Not all publishers are created equal. However I am troubled that I have not found any reviews for Brandylane/Belle Isle anywhere! Because THEY handle editing, THEY handle typesetting, THEY handle developmental editing, THEY handle cover design, and THEY handle distribution and online listings. My dads thinking of publishing with covenant, one more thing! My book is selfpublished with x-libris but it's not 100% royalty. My gut says it’s not Legit. Has anyone heard of Parchment Global Publishing-they want me to pay to have a radio interview with Al Cole of CBS Radio? We’ve been excited to make this announcement, and make major strides towards a more open publication process, since last fall when we signed ASAPbio’s open letter committing to transparent peer review options. Sorry to hear that, Leanne :( In cases like this, the best way forward is to issue a rights reversion letter: He didn't mention any costs that might be involved as well as nothing says about it on their website. I am not enough published with them. For 22 years, AuthorHouse has helped make writers into published authors. Other companies won’t even be that subtle: they’ll just take the money and run. I have received my book back though thank God but still out the 500 dollars!!! Was so disappointed the review was nothing more than "it's been It's not a scam, but it certainly is an *expensive* course… If you want to go the course route, I'd rather recommend Mark Dawson's "Self-Publishing 101" course (it only opens once a year, but you can get on the waitlist). My publicist is with Gold Touch Press. I just received a call from Go To, who, for $2000, want to promote my book by doing all of the online marketing themselves and this includes setting up a website for me. That is NOT a review. Infographic: Traditional Publishers vs. Vanity Presses. What is the best way to reach and get accepted by a traditional publisher? It was expensive and a huge mistake. Now Book Avenue Pub has contacted me, seeming very interested in highlighting my book at upcoming international book fairs in order to "guarantee" an acquisition by a major publishing firm. You are nothing more than an easy few hundred dollars to them, hence the a formed mentioned lack of communication others have mentioned. You can self-publish through Amazon and it won't cost you a dime. Can you recommend Mulberry Books Publishing House? Classic virtue signaling. I'm glad I investigated first. We may use the reviewers you suggested in your proposal, or we may draw on our own list of contacts. Thank you! They created it in partnership with Author Solutions, who are some of the most egregious players in vanity publishing. Does anyone have any information on Mascot Books, I believe we've mentioned Mascot in reply to another question in the comments here. Someone contacted my sisters and me about his appreciation for 1950s science fiction, and wanted to know if we would let him be the literary agent for my father's novels. I would very much like to work with them. Some bigger publishers won't consider any writer who doesn't go through an agent. Did you know… There are some journals that only publish review articles, and others that do not accept them. I'm lucky, I guess...I have astigmatism, so when something on a site jiggles I just see a blur, like the blur of a computer or TV screen shown live on another computer or TV screen. That said, I always do my research. I haven't been able to find anything that would indicate they are a scam. And for distribution, if you want to do it without fuss, you can use a distribution service like Draft2Digital — which charges nothing upfront, but will take 10% of retail price. In order to purchase the E-book you have to pay through their website and they don't take Paypal. Needless to say, it's a messy situation, but one writers can learn from, has anyone heard anything about easton-books? They offer bundled packages with a lot of stuff you could get elsewhere for free — plus they don't really offer anything editorially — apart from "Content Evaluation". But I still find the blur very annoying. I won't give them money. How that remains possible is astounding and frustrating to me! They mention on their website (which looks pretty poor) that their co-operative publishing deal involves them covering 75% of the cost, while the author pays for the remainder. They said they will start open readings period in December which means they're selective and it's good, right? I was just contacted by someone claiming to be an editor from them wanting to offer me a contract on one of my works on another site. Thanks in advance. I didn't agreed to anything and had several red flags in our phone conversations. I was lulled in by AuthorHouse and fell victim to their scams. Author submits a review via an invitation on his/her dashboard within the ACS Paragon Plus Environment. The publisher will then cover the costs of editorial, design, and marketing. They are one of (if not the) oldest existing companies of their kind. I'm not a against a secular publisher but my series is a Christian one. Self-Publishing Review: Self-Publishing Review, an online magazine that features coverage of the indie book world as well as editing services, offers a number of options for paid reviews. Covenant Books we've mentioned a few times here (be careful) but Shadow Mountain looks pretty legit. Yes, they have done everything they said they would do, except put my book in bookstores. What is your opinion of Austin Macauley Their website is well-presented and written, but when one of their 'editors' contacted me to express interest, her English was extremely dodgy. I have my own publishing company and have published several authors of national prominence. My personal experience. Dorrance Publishing is a self-publishing service provider, founded in 1920 by Gordan Dorrance. His sidekick Laura Freestone is just as bad .Vety unprofessional to say the least. Writing contests are a great way to reach an audience, solidify your writing credentials, and even make a little money in the form of prizes. Here's a good litmus test — look up the books they've published on Amazon. After a year and two extensions, my friend was tired of excuses and wanted the manuscript. You can read more about why here (the comments are particularly illuminating): Even though I read mixed reviews about hybrid publishers, Page Publishing seemed like a good place to start. Have you heard any reviews for freeauthorinfo. We only feature publishers that are open to all writers from around the world. There’s no fee for publishing and they don’t require me to buy any books. I think I got duped by a vanity press. Become a member today to discover how we can help you publish a beautiful book.

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